Historic Homes homes are wonderful treasures of our past. Most historic home buffs consider themselves "caretakers" as opposed to owners because their time living in this property is limited in comparison to the age which could be 100, 200 or even 300 years old!  As a past owner and renovator of a beautiful  1785 Federal Colonial, i can give you some insight on whether buying a historic home is right for you. 

Are you concerned about energy efficiency?

Do you have a problem living with mice?

Will you have a difficulty dealing with slanted floors and doors that may not close completely?

Do you mind spending above average funds to properly restore/repair the home?

Answering "no" to these questions means you've passed the first stage of historic home ownership!  While they are beautiful to admire they are quite different living there.  For more information on historic homeownership be sure to contact MJ Agostini, your Connecticut Historic Home Specialist.