Summer is filled with months of great weather, longer days... the perfect season to do some maintenance inside and out!
1. Give your home an energy audit- Hire professionally or perform by yourself. Look for gaps within your door or window frame to keep cool air in and warm air out!
2.  Clean and repair asphalt- Time to repair those unsightly cracks and remove any oil stains. DIY with oven cleaner, apply generously, let sit for 25-30 minutes and scrub with a stiff brush.
3. Prune or remove any problem trees- Inspect trees for rot or damage and remove for safety concerns. Remove any branches that may be against or over your home.
4. Repel deer and pests- Deer can reek havoc in your garden and other plants around the yard. Make a homemade repellent, or install a bird net or miniature fence.
5. Clean vents- Clean the inside of the cover and the fan blade with a slightly damp cloth or spray cleaner and a paper towel. Dry and reassemble. Do this twice a year to prevent moisture and mold growth.
6. Mend your fence- Replace any rotted panels or posts, clean/sand and give a fresh coat of paint. Even vinyl fencing needs maintenance, power-wash to make it look new!
7. Potted plants- Although visually pleasing, some planters may leave a stain on concrete. Prevent by using "feet" or stands found at any garden center.
8. Clean patio furniture- Use a rag and soft-bristle brush to remove embedded dirt on synthetic coverings, metal and wood furniture. Spray wicker furniture with water and protect it with paste wax.
9. Stain and protect your deck- Stain your deck at least once a year to maintain protection and color. Homeowners with TREX deck should power wash to remove any debris or algae.
10. Clean your AC- The payoff: Summertime comfort and lower cooling bills. You'll also prolong the life of your air conditioner.