I have always been tempted by the Northeast coast of the United States and harbored a desire to live there. The extreme winters put me off a bit but I thought if I didn't have to get out every day to go to work it might not be too bad. And, Connecticut has always been a romantic and quaint place for me, at least in my dreams. Now I might be totally wrong, and people who live there might be able to set me straight. So, as I approach retirement and think about moving there, I decided to do a little research.

I have learned that Connecticut is a beautiful state that most people love to visit because of its history, tourist sights and outdoor activities. It is bordered by Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York. So this puts it in a great location for me to live and still be close to some great cities for fun and enjoyment. It's less than an hour from New York and everything the big city has to offer.

Being one of the original 13 colonies, Connecticut was influential in the development of the federal government of the United States. It is called the 'Constitution State', the 'Nutmeg State' and 'The Land of Steady Habits'. The origin of the name Connecticut is taken from an Indian work "Quinnehtukqut" which means 'beside the long tidal river'. With Bridgeport, Hartford and Stamford counted in its ten largest cities this tiny state has just as much to offer its residents as state with more geographical expanse.

With the Connecticut River bisecting the state, access to its recreational beauty is easy from everywhere in the state. Since I love to fish, this is a huge attraction for me. Whether fishing from the banks of the river or in a vessel, the river can be enjoyed year round. If you don't mind braving a little cold, which I don't, it can be heaven for a fisherman. And then there's the ocean. For the braver fishing enthusiast, the Atlantic Ocean offers adventure and excitement. You can take a trip miles away from shore and catch flounder, pollock, tuna, cod and bluefish. Whether for catch and release or to put in your freezer there are plenty for everyone. My preference is to 'catch and eat'.

As a history buff this area appealed to me with sites of historical value I have wanted to see for many years. I found that the Academy Hall Museum of the Rocky Hill Historical Society, the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History and the University of Connecticut are great resources for information on early Puritan culture and development. And, educational opportunities abound. Having a major university in the state is a huge benefit and provides a great atmosphere for learning and exposure to young people from all over the world. We all know that being around young people will keep us young, and continuing to learn will keep our brains from stagnating. Connecticut is a great place for both of these.

If you like to live a little more edgy lifestyle, Connecticut offers Casinos and gaming. This isn't really for me since my past experience has always been that I lose. But, now and then the excitement can be fun. Top notch entertainment and big name celebrities are available in the Casinos and that can be a nice diversion. And, I learned that the tax system in the state is a real benefit to the residents. It seems the taxes are lower, and many things that are taxed in other states aren't taxed in Connecticut. I think this will be something I will look into a little further.

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